Board of Directors – External Relations Officer

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume to with a subject line of the following format: "First name Last name, Board of Directors - External Relations Officer, Application 2019."

Applications will be accepted until February 10th, 2019 at 11:59 pm.
Embark is a student-led non-profit society that empowers the next-generation of sustainability leaders at SFU through grants, training, and engagement. SFU students are automatically members and eligible to be Directors of the society. Students contribute either $1.75 or $3.50 a semester to Embark through a student sustainability levy collected by the University and set by student referendum. We currently represent 35,000+ undergraduate and graduate student members. Up to two associate members (non-SFU student member) may be elected as a Director. New directors are elected at each Annual General Meeting of the society.

Open to Embark Sustainability Society members, which consists of undergraduate and graduate students at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and associate members.

Purpose of the Position
The External Relations Officer is responsible for liaising with Embark’s external partners and stakeholders alongside the Executive Director, in order to uphold Embark’s reputation as SFU’s student-led sustainability organization.
While the Chair and Executive Director act as the official organization representatives, and the Member Relations Officer (MRO) acts as point of contact for individual Embark members, the ERO will build connections with other student-led organizations within SFU.

  • Co-chairs the Relations Committee alongside the Member Relations Officer (MRO)
  • Act as point of contact for external partners to Embark’s membership, alongside the Executive Director
  • Identifies partnership opportunities for Embark to continue its sustainability mandate
  • Communicates with external partners to co-host events, programs, and projects
  • Organizes Embark’s AGM alongside the Member Relations Officer (MRO)

Though every week brings its own unique opportunities and challenges, the ERO generally will complete tasks assigned in the prior month’s Relations Committee meeting. These may include assembling working groups and completing deliverables, such as drafting press releases. The ERO or the MRO will create the next month’s Relation Committee meeting agenda by calling for agenda items, which include new partnership, event, or position proposals for the Relations Committee to consider. Student-led organizations and clubs might contact the ERO, and the MRO to propose partnerships for ongoing or one-time events, and the ERO will alongside the MRO consider these partnerships and potentially assist in co-organizing the event(s). The ERO will ensure that Embark maintains professional and positive relations with its partners and stakeholders by communicating in a timely and courteous manner.

Ideal candidates have:
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Frequent access to emails (2-3 times a day)
  • Openness to considering new partnerships
  • Understanding of Embark’s goals and programs
  • Understanding of SFU’s current sustainability goals
  • Effective and professional communication skills (via emails, letters)

Things to look out for
-As the ERO and the MRO primarily co-chair the Relations Committee, often there will be a variety of member-related tasks and fewer tasks involving external relations, or vice versa.
-The ERO and MRO may find themselves assisting their co-chair to fulfill their responsibilities as necessary.