Board of Directors – Secretary

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume to with a subject line of the following format: "First name Last name, Board of Directors - Secretary, Application 2019."

Applications will be accepted until February 10th, 2019 at 11:59 pm.
Embark is a student-led non-profit society that empowers the next-generation of sustainability leaders at SFU through grants, training, and engagement. SFU students are automatically members and eligible to be Directors of the society. Students contribute either $1.75 or $3.50 a semester to Embark through a student sustainability levy collected by the University and set by student referendum. We currently represent 35,000+ undergraduate and graduate student members. Up to two associate members (non-SFU student member) may be elected as a Director. New directors are elected at each Annual General Meeting of the society.

Open to Embark Sustainability Society members, which consists of undergraduate and graduate students at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and associate members.

Purpose of the Position
To help the Chair create board meeting agendas and take minutes during board meetings, and to assist the Board and other Directors in carrying out essential tasks.

  • Collaborate with the Chair to create board meeting agendas
  • Ensure that the agendas are thorough and that all items that need to be discussed are included
  • Take accurate minutes during Board meetings (including discussion points and action items)
  • Ensure that motions are passed adequately; For example, the Secretary may notice that a motion has not been moved before the discussion of an item. The Secretary would bring the attention of the Chair to the situation in order to rectify it.
  • Review minutes and sign them on a regular basis
  • Be an active member of at least two committees of the Board

The Secretary works with the Chair to prepare board meeting agendas about a week before each monthly meeting. The Secretary also spends time verifying that the agenda is accurate, that all links are working, and that all items that need to be discussed are included. During meetings, the Secretary takes minutes throughout the entire session. Furthermore, the Secretary checks their Embark email account at least once every two days and responds to emails promptly. The Secretary also regularly meets with the Executive Director to work on additional tasks that they decides to take on. In addition, the Secretary performs the duties associated with the two committees of which they are a member.

Ideal candidates have:
  • Ability to remain focused throughout the entire duration of board meetings to ensure that minutes are taken accurately
  • Ability to type quickly while keeping track of and participating in discussions
  • Readiness to learn the basics of Robert’s Rules

Things to look out for
  • Regular communication with the Chair is key to effectively coordinating the creation of agendas.
  • The board member in this position does not chair a committee, which enables them to get involved with other tasks or specific projects that the Board is working on.