Food Systems Change

The focus of this priority area is to create dialogue around food systems. Our programming attempts to uncover students’ personal and cultural connections to food systems by promoting nutritious and sustainable food production, distribution, and access.

That's why we run several sustainable food initiatives at SFU. We believe by intervening at the university level, we can create a wave of momentum that reverberates into surrounding communities.

Ongoing Programs

Brunaby Learning Garden: We operate a large Learning Garden at SFU Burnaby, where the university community can tend their own plots, be supported by our Garden Coordinator, and attend workshops.

Surrey Learning Garden: We have installed a pilot indoor garden at the SFU Surrey Campus. Here, the students can volunteer to support the garden and learn about indoor gardening practices with our Garden Coordinator.

Food Rescue Program: We run a food recovery program where we collect produce that do not meet the selling criteria of supermarket chains. This food would have gone to waste while still being perfectly edible.

Past Initiatives

Food Education Days
With an expo day, lunch and learn, and film screening, we encouraged SFU students to learn more about current issues of food access and security, food of the future, local food production, personal health, and other food related topics.
Harvest Box
We supported local farmers by providing students with boxes of fresh, seasonal produce. It ran from 2006 to April 2016 as a branch of the Help on Wheels Harvest Box program.
Eat Think Vote
As part of a series of food events across the country, we engaged students and local candidates in the Fall 2015 federal election on making a national food policy a reality in Canada.