Climate Action

We work to convene students and stakeholders to co-create climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies while encouraging personal commitments to responsible action.

Ongoing Programs

Carbon Neutrality: We are working with SFU to divest its $370M+ endowment from fossil fuel corporations to align its investments with its values and reduce the risk of its portfolio.

Monday Veggie Challenge: The Climate Action Team is currently revisioning the intent of our Monday Veggie Challenge campaign. More details to be announced soon!

Past Initiatives

Investing Powerfully
We hosted a two-part dialogue event (private invitational and public panel) around carbon neutrality in a university setting. Speakers included Peter Chapman, Danielle Levine, and Mike Thiessen. Through a series of presentations and dialogue, attendees discovered the connections between decarbonization, divestment and responsible investments, and envisioned how reinvestment can support the work of communities.
Climate of Work
As part of our Career Night series, this event responded to the overarching question of the SFU Public Square 2018 Summit “How can Canada and Canadians respond to the changing nature of work?” by exploring the impact of climate change on the future of work in various fields.
Opposition to Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline
Over the past several years, we have lobbied government, participated in the hearings, and rallied students around public consultation opportunities.
Bike to Work Week
From 2015 to 2017, Embark hosted celebration stations at SFU campuses to reward cyclists for biking to work .
Bike Maintenance Workshops
We teamed up with Dandy Horse Cycles to teach you how to fix your ride!
Tank Talks
We hosted a dialogue-based town hall to raise awareness among SFU students and community members about the proposed tank farm expansion on Burnaby Mountain.
Campus Cycling Survey
We launched a survey (n=437) that sampled the perceptions and preferences that SFU staff, faculty, and students held regarding cycling and produced a report detailing the results. We found a significant proportion of community members want to cycle more to and from SFU, but face barriers, including a lack of bike storage facilities and inadequate lighting on cycling routes. We then advocated for a cycling commuter station, which SFU has agreed to build.
Climate Risk Forum
Sustainable SFU hosted the Vancouver Climate Risk Forum in December 2015. We brought together financial professionals, university and city staff, elected officials, and activists to discover and discuss the latest information about climate risk and fossil fuel divestment. Speakers included former Mayor of Seattle Mike McGinn, Andrew Gage of West Coast Environmental Law, and Karen Lockridge of Mercer Consulting, among many others.
Fossil Fools Day
Every year on April Fools Day, coordinated actions across North America take place to advocate for the end of our reliance on fossil fuels as an energy resource and for a greater investment in more sustainable energy alternatives. In 2014, we participated in this nationwide movement in partnership with SFU 350.
Blue Dot Campaign
We participated in this national grassroots campaign based on the idea that everyone in Canada deserves the right to a healthy environment, including clean air and water, and a say in decisions that affect our health and well-being.
Expanded Carbon Pricing & Climate Action Open Letter
We organized post-secondary students from across Canada to sign an open letter calling on the Premiers and Prime Minister to expand carbon pricing and implement effective climate action.
Better Transit and Transportation Coalition
Advocated for a "Yes" referendum vote to improve transportation infrastructure for students throughout the region through the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition.