History and Achievements

  • 2003Sustainable Campus Coalition

    Three undergraduate students establish the Sustainable Campus Coalition (SCC) with a mission to form a SFU Sustainability Advisory Committee that would ensure sustainability is at the heart of decision-making at the university.
  • 2004Sustainability Assessment Package

    SCC launches a Sustainability Assessment Package and formed the foundation for the discussion regarding the creation of a SFU Sustainability Advisory Committee.
  • 2006Sustainability Advisory Committee

    Simon Fraser University creates the Sustainability Advisory Committee. SCC changes its name to Sustainable SFU (SSFU) to continue and further its work after achieving its original mission.
  • 2009Registered Non-profit

    SSFU registers as a non-profit organization to increase accountability and capacity to support student sustainability initiatives.
  • 2010Undergraduate Referendum

    Undergraduate students successfully pass a referendum to endorse SSFU’s work; becoming members and financially supporting the organization through student levies.
  • 2011Board of Directors

    SSFU elects its first Board of Directors comprised of students to bring new energy and greater diversity to the organization.
  • 2012Graduate Referendum

    Graduate students pass a referendum to become members. SSFU now represents over 30,000 student members.
  • 2012-2015Rapid Growth

    SSFU undergoes rapid growth including but not limited to creating the Burnaby Learning Garden, launching new student grants, and regularly offering events and programming to its membership.
  • 2015Embark Rebrand

    SSFU rebrands and changes its name to Embark, focusing on the society’s role in empowering students to lead sustainable change at SFU and its community.
  • 2016SFU in 2021

    Embark released SFU in 2021, a student sustainability vision which served as the primary student input into the university’s Sustainability Strategic Plan (2017-2021).
  • 2016Levy Referendums

    Embark passes a two seperate referendums for both undergraduate and graduate student members to increase their semesterly contributions further supporting Embark’s programming.
  • 20172017-2020 Strategic Plan

    Embark releases its 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. Also known as a “theory of change,” strengthens the organization’s focus on three priority areas and guides all programming.
From a small and humble beginning, Embark has grown to represent a diverse membership base of more than 35,000 members. With the continued support of our membership, we are able to advance sustainability at SFU – and empower students to lead the way.

With our growth as an organization, we’ve managed to accomplish a lot! Want to learn more about our achievements? Stay tuned for our full list of achievements, events, and programs.